Hole Opener
All hole openers 30" and above are fitted with 24/32 series 95 Smith jets.

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Products - Hole Openers

Stabil Drill hole openers are designed for the enlargement of pilot holes and large hole applications. They are also used for road and river crossing applications.

Hole Openers

The hole openers are manufactured from AISI 4145H fully heat-treated alloy steel. All are available with carbide-milled teeth and insert cutters. Arms and cutters are hardfaced for protection in three different designs for varying conditions and rock formations. The design of the hole opener allows for field-changing the cutters. Stabil Drill has a wide range of hole opener types, including:

  • Integral Body -- For soft, medium or hard formations. One piece body. Two, three or four cutters. Size: 6"-26".
  • Integral Body
  • Collector Box Style -- For soft, medium or hard formations. Collector box provides even fluid flow directly onto cutters, improving cleaning. Three or four sealed (or non-sealed) cutters. Size: 20"-60" (or custom-designed).
  • DrillRite™ -- Excellent for soft and hard formations used to wipe the hole clean and ensure that casing can be installed to bottom. Tool of choice after horizontal mud motor runs. No moving parts. Blade edges dressed with tungsten carbide chips. Size: 6"-26".
  • Drag Bits -- For spudding holes or making wiper runs. Collector box provides even fluid flow to the blade's cutting edge. Self-stabilizing. Can be run with a rock bit in the box end or with a pilot guide. Size: 17 1/2"-72".
  • IB PDC Devil-Drill -- Enables the operator to use a rotating steerable directional system while simultaneously opening the hole.
  • IB PDC Devil-Drill
  • Devil-Drill -- Solid construction means extra strength. Blades are dressed with tungsten carbide chips and inserts for gauge protection. For use in reaming soft to hard formations. Hole sizes from 3-1/2" through 30".
  • Devil-Drill
  • Sweep -- Simultaneously allows hole enlargement while drilling. It also allows underreaming of a larger hole than the ID of the above casing or diverter.
  • Spiral Key Seat Wiper -- The Spiral Key Seat Wiper is unique because it has no moving parts and you can run the tool while you are drilling. If you have a key seat problem on trips, you can install the tool and continue drilling without having to make a special trip to eliminate the "tight spot".
  • Spiral Key Seat Wiper