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Products - Stabilizers

Stabil Drill's complete line of stabilizers includes spiral blade, straight blade, integral blade, welded blade, welded full pac, welded full wrap, sleeve-type, stainless steel non-magnetic types and its new tri-bladed stabilizer for gumbo applications.

Designed to increase rate of penetration and to control deviation, Stabil Drill stabilizers are economical to use, reducing drilling costs per foot.

All alloy stabilizers are manufactured from AISI 4145H modified heat-treated steel for a wide variety of configurations and hole sizes.


Additionally, Stabil Drill custom manufactures equipment for a wide range of drilling applications. Stabilizers include:

  • Integral Spiral Blade -- Used in rock-hard formations. 360° surface contact; One-piece construction
  • Non-Magnetic -- Manufactured from chromium manganese, austenitic stainless steel
  • Sleeve-Type -- For remote areas. Interchangeable with other sleeves and mandrels
  • Welded Straight Blade -- For drilling soft to medium-hard formations
  • Welded Extra-Thick Blade -- Double the surface contact area
  • Welded Full Wrap -- 360° surface contact