Riser Brush and BOP Washout Tools
Riser Brush Tool (top) BOP Wash Out Tool (bottom)

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Products - Various Tools

  • Riser Brush Tool -- The Riser Brush Tool is designed to run in conjunction with DWT's Wash Out Tool. This tool brushes drilling residue from the riser when going to completion fluids. The tool will also brush oil base mud residue from the riser before unlatching the riser. This tool is very effective in minimizing oil sheen.
  • Riser Brush Tool
  • BOP Wash Out Tool -- The patented BOP Wash Out Tool is designed to ream while jetting drill cuttings from the BOP Stack and the Drilling Riser. The tool has 4-½" I.F. or 5-½" full hole box up, pin down connections. A short jetting bull nose is installed on the wash out tool to force all the fluid through the jet nozzles. Outside dimensions of the tool are 12, 17, and 17-½" with recessed jets below and behind the blades for protection while rotating.
  • BOP Wash Out Tool
  • E-Z Spin -- The E-Z Spin is a very simple tool patented to reduce the risk of injury to personnel and to utilize rig time to the fullest while picking up the bottom hole assembly. The E-Z Spin consists of the following: A bottom stabbing pin, two plates connected with twelve 1-½" springs, a bearing plate and an upper 18" guide pin. The safety aspect of the E-Z Spin is that no one has to hold up the stabilizer while attempting to start the threads of the drill collar.
  • E-Z Spin