Fishing Tools

Designed to get you through any obstruction quickly, specifying our high-performance mills means faster penetration and fewer trips.

Stabil Drill mills are engineered and made in-house for strong service even in the face of the most demanding conditions. Made from AISI 4145H heat-treated steel, hardfacing with ultra-tough tungsten carbide particles, our mills deliver maximum progress while maintaining stability. Each of our five popular designs is engineered for optimum milling surface contact.


Often used for milling cemented pipe or excessive junk in the hole, these mills offer substantial tungsten carbide enforcement and a deep “V” design for maximum fluid circulation.

Deep Throat

Deployed for milling cement in which small amounts of contamination exist, these specialized tools are engineered for maximum cutting speed and optimal debris circulation.


Featuring a gradual, symmetrical taper these mills are typically used to mill through collapsed casing or liners, as well as for reaming operations. Run with stinger or long-tapered mill.


Tapered on one end, these powerful mills are used to ream out casing, liners, whipstock windows and other wellbore restrictions. This tool can be used in conjunction with other mills.

Concave Cone Buster

These tools are used for milling bit cones or other objects for which keeping the obstruction under the mill is absolutely imperative for a successful outcome.