Jars & Shock Subs

Protect your drill string with these high-performance subs designed specifically to negate tool damage and enable maximum speed.

Normal drilling operations can really put a beating on the drill string. That’s where Stabil Drill shock comes in. These simple components are engineered to absorb downhole impacts and vibrations—drastically reducing their transmission to the rest of the drill string. The result is better protection and faster rate of penetration.

Shock Subs

Vibration is the enemy of your drill string. These heavy-duty subs prevent damage to critical drill string components such as drill collars, pipe and more—even helping protect surface equipment. And Stabil Drill can make and specify them to run in any formation type or temp.

Hydra Hammer Drilling Jar

When your drill string is stuck, you need a high-impact fix. The Hydra Hammer Drilling Jar is used to apply a mechanical impact on another downhole component—such as dislodging a stuck BHA. This hydraulic drilling jar is capable of jarring both upward and downward, and can be configured to deliver an impact load in a variety of directions and magnitudes to get you back on track.