Technical Services

Dumb iron? We don’t do that here. Every Stabil Drill Bottom Hole Assembly is engineered for maximum ROP and precision performance thanks to our advanced technical capabilities.

We’ve worked hard to develop in-house engineering expertise focused exclusively on improving drilling performance. Providing a variety of technical services that range from BHA configuration to performance modeling and beyond, our in-house engineering team is proven to help increase ROP on every run.

Tool Design

Sometimes achieving greater ROP with fewer days on the well takes a new kind of tool. That’s why our in-house engineers work closely with customers to help develop new downhole technologies that make the most of every trip.

BHA Design and Configuration

Let Stabil Drill provide drill string design that delivers optimal drilling performance. Our engineers can help specify and configure BHA components in a way that ensures stability, speed and steer-ability.

BHA Analysis

Stabil Drill engineers can apply advanced modeling techniques to your BHA design—ensuring that your equipment will make maximum progress, maintain precise direction and minimize NPT risk.

Torque and Drag Analysis

If you want true drilling optimization, you need reliable torque and drag analysis that makes sure nothing holds you back. Our engineers identify potential ROP impacts to set each bottom hole assembly up for success.

Failure Analysis

Using state-of-the-art analytical tools and proven forensic engineering techniques, we bring clarity to failures through root cause analyses, comprehensive documentation and recommended corrective actions.